Protektorenpflicht Protektorenpflicht

Helmet (full face or bike helmet), back protector (or protector backpack) are mandatory (gloves and other joint protectors recommended) !

Biker finishing the trail Freeride Bikepark Beerfelden Trail

The Bikepark Beerfelden was founded in 2004. Bring your bike along (or rent a bike) and you can indulge in riding in the park. Situated approcimately in the middle of Germany, the Bikepark Beerfelden features a diversity of varied forest trails and gives you a cosy and familiar atmosphere.

Since 2012 there are seven trails each roundabout one kilometer long. Something for every level of rider.

Five freeride and downhill trails are more difficult and come with challenging drops, steep grades, gnarly root strewn lines, tight turns and rocky grounds. Every difficult sections can be bypassed.

The sixth trail, named "Blue Wave", is easy to ride and suitable for children and less experienced riders.

"Yellow Viper" - the seventh trail - is a well equipped super enduro trail.

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